Yellow and Pink House Paints

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Joy and motivation are the feelings that the shades of yellow bring us. In vibrant or soft
intensities, yellow reminds us of the sun and tropical fruits. Therefore, in addition to
energizing, it is a good option to reduce the feeling of tiredness and discouragement, and also

stimulate creativity. In this room, the Nozes color was chosen in the composition of a circle-
shaped headboard, to bring energy in the morning and create a serene atmosphere at night.

Atmosphere now with a white bed and sheet and pillows with yellow triangular designs. In the
background, a yellow circle painted in Nimbus color simulating a headboard, with a shelf and
hanging pictures. A picture of an entirely white room with a bed in the foreground with two
In its various versions, the pink color refers to affection and, therefore, it also helps us to relax.
Also, tone a motivational power over people. This room exudes tranquility with the headboard
painted in Açucena color and the wall in Frapê de Grava color. Two cozy tones, ideal for
relaxing environments.
Environment with a bed in the foreground. On the bed we can see a pink blanket and some
pink and blue pillows. In the background, we have a square painted on the wall in the color
Açucena and above, Frapê de Grava, and the color icons. Around the bed and on top of the
Açucena color painting, we have decorative furniture such as flower vases.

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